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Hand crafted cotton macrame' passive car diffusers with unfinished wooden ring and bead. Called "passive" simply because it doesn't work off the power of your car a/c vent or cigarette lighter. Just apply as many, or as few, drops as you like to the wooden bead and/or ring, and hang from your rearview mirror! Because there's not a bunch of junk in the fragrances, the scent will fade. Just add more whenever you need to! The beauty of the scent fading is that, unlike your one-and-done car air fresheners, you can CHANGE FRAGRANCES (additional 5mL dropper bottles of fragrance available)!


**Not pure essential oils and are not reccommended for essential oil diffusers.**

Macrame Car Diffusers

  • We ship via USPS within the United States using USPS Real-Time Rates.

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