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SO MUCH LAVENDER in one place!! Lavandin and Spike Lavender oils with a little eucalyptus…a little cedarwood…a little clove bud…a little ginger…a little sweet orange, Nooka Tree and Canuga flower. Intense Lavender, for sure. 


Each candle is Hand Poured and topped with a Hand Crafted Lid made from Various Locally Sourced Wood Varieties. **Lid will vary per candle and is NOT customizable.**


  • 100% Soy Wax with cotton/paper core wick and environmentally friendly, non-toxic Clean Scents fragrance oils, and essential oil blends when available. Hand crafted wooden lids double as coasters. When your candle is finished, I encourage you to clean out your vessel and either repurpose or recycle it.

  • We ship via USPS within the United States using USPS Real-Time Rates.

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