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  • Why does my wick turn into a black ball and crumble into my candle?
    Through normal use most cotton based wicks will "mushroom" leaving that burnt carbon debris that should be removed. We recommend trimming your wick down to 1/4" before EACH burn to keep your candle healthy, which will keep the old wick crumbles from flaming up and falling into your candle, and minimize the build up of soot along the inside of your candle jar.
  • How long should I burn my candle?
    We recommend burning a candle for no more than 4 hours at a time. Your FIRST burn should always be 4 hours, which allows a proper "melt pool" to form where the melted wax reaches all the way to the sides of your candle jar. If you blow out your candle too soon, the melt pool may never reach all of the way across your candle causing "tunneling" and you'll waste a lot of precious wax. Always allow your candle to cool for 2 hours and trim your wick to 1/4" prior to relighting.
  • Why does my candle flicker and have such a large flame?
    A candle can flicker for a couple of reasons: 1) Any kind of draft can make your flame flicker. Make sure to move your burning candle away from any drafty areas. 2) Your wick wasn't trimmed prior to relighting which causes the flame to flicker and be much larger than it should be, which causes your candle to burn much faster than it should and create soot on the candle jar and surrounding surfaces.
  • Why is the surface of my soy candle bumpy or rough after I burn it?
    The bumpy/rough top is very common with soy wax. It happens when the cooling rate of the candle is inconsistent after you blow it out. Sometimes your candle will dry with a rough or bumpy surface and other times it will dry as smooth as glass. The good news is that it is a by-product of ALL-NATURAL wax and does not affect the performance of your candle.
  • Why do you use only soy in your candles?
    We only use soy for many reasons: 1) It's All-natural. 2) It's a completely sustainable/renewable resource. 3) Soy wax burns more cleanly & slowly than other waxes, which is good for the environment and gives you more time to enjoy your candle! 4) It's American grown.
  • What is your return & exchange policy?
    Returns/Exchanges are accepted within a 30 day period from date of purchase on any candle that has NOT been burned, or on any merchandise that has NOT been used or was damaged in the shipping process. We offer FREE, ONE-TIME Return/Exchange. Email us at to initiate return.
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